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The more payment options you offer your customers, the more customers you can attract and serve. Ignite Payments has an extensive portfolio of innovative payment acceptance solutions that enable you to accept virtually every type of electronic payment including MasterCard®, Diners Club International®, Visa®, American Express®, Discover® Network, PIN-based and signature debit, gift cards and checks.

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First Data OfferWiseSM Solution

The First Data OfferWiseSM solution is powering the future of the offers industry and making a better redemption experience for offer providers, merchants, and consumers. It allows merchants to go beyond the paper coupon, and create new and more profitable customer relationships.

The OfferWise solution can help enable merchants and offer publishers to reach the right customers and measure offer performance through reporting and analytics to better track and refine offer programs. OfferWise is an open solution that does not lock merchants or marketers into specific offer types, offer publishers, applications or card types. Eligible merchants easily access the service through OfferWise Certified Publishers or leverage the solution when publishing their own offers.

  • Acquire new customers, increase sales and build efficient loyalty programs
  • Streamline the offer redemption process with paperless redemption
  • Track online offers to in-store redemption and offer ROI tracking

The First Data OfferWiseSM solution is helping merchants drive more business by simplifying card linked solutions, and enabling paperless redemption for offer providers, merchants, and consumers. Go beyond the paper coupon, and create new and more profitable 

OfferWise FAQ

OfferWise is an offers transaction payment processing and analytics solution that is tailored to support online offers POS. In conjunction with the offer provider’s systems, it tracks offers from the moment they are purchased to the moment they are redeemed. It not only automates the redemption process, it also ties each offer to an individual consumer’s payment account. See below:



Today, when a consumer purchases a daily deal or selects an online coupon, they complete their transaction by printing the voucher. With card-linked functionality, when the consumer purchases the offer, they will have the opportunity to link the offer to their credit or debit card eliminating the need to print a paper voucher.

When the consumer visits your business to redeem the offer, the consumer simply pays with the offer-linked card. Our offer processing system, which is enabled through your existing terminal setup, will seamlessly redeem the offer, showing the discount either directly on the printed receipt or via notification if the discount is applied at a later time.

To participate, simply choose an OfferWise certified publishers and run an offer. You will then be ready to offer card-linked offers to their customer base, and do away with manual processing of paper vouchers. It’s that simple!

An Offer Publisher connects the Offer Provider, merchant and the consumer as well as distributes the offer content directly to the end consumer.


For real-time redemption on the North Platform a FD50/50Ti, FD100/100Ti or FD200/200Ti are required. There is no equipment specification for statement redemption with real-time messaging. Additional terminals are continually being added to the OfferWise network.

Once the OfferWise entitlement is added, a terminal update can be downloaded when you settle your batch.


You will be entitled with an OfferWise solution product code of: 
a. 54 for real-time redemption;
b. 55 for statement redemption with real-time messaging.

There are two settlement options:

Real-time redemption;

  • Customer swipes credit or debit card at POS
  • Existing authorization messages is routed from the front-end platform to the OfferWise solution and out to Offer Provider based on offer rules.
  • Front-end platform updates the transaction total based on offer value from Offer Provider and any remaining balance is processed through the standard authorization process.
  • Authorization message is sent back to the POS with the adjusted transaction total and discount amount.
  • Customer receives real-time discount and POS message with adjusted total.

Statement redemption with real-time messaging.

  • Customer swipes credit card at POS.
  • POS sends transaction to front-end platform for authorization.
  • Front-end platform process transaction; BAU for authorization.
  • Approved authorization is routed to OfferWise Platform and out to Offer Provider who determines if the offer is valid.
  • The Offer Provider determines the credit amount and sends customer near real-time a SMS message with the credit notification.
  • Offer credit is then processed and delivered to the customer.
Real-time redemption requires an FD50/50Ti, FD100/100Ti or FD200/200Ti. Statement redemption with real-time messaging redemption does not require a specific terminal.
You will have access through your existing merchant reporting as well as offer reporting provided by the Offer Publisher and will appear on the receipt (if enabled for real-time redemption).
Yes. As long as the Offer Publisher a certified OfferWise publisher, we can support multiple offers at one time.
No. Currently First Data will have the only electronic offer redemption platform.

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